This must be the month of "Self-Promotion"? Do not be alarmed! This is my only novel (at least for now). I am going to pretend that this book was not written by me and give it a review as if I was a reader. A novel concept I know, but I have been a reader MUCH LONGER than I have been a writer we go! In a land divided by war, one woman’s choice will shift the balance. In medieval Andona, the day before the summer solstice marks the beginning of Audrianna’s harrowing journey. As the Daemon clans fight for power, she finds herself trapped as a pivotal piece in a deadly game. This decades-long challenge between brothers stretches across the boundary between life and death, and pulls Audrianna to the very center of the conflict. Cast into a world she does not fully understand, she struggles to return to the one person who matters. Amidst Daemon deities with unknown goals, Audrianna shoulders the burden of a people who call her cursed. Born to make an impossible choice, w